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Specializing in fine cabinetry

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Design:    -  Ideas to spark your imagination

Use these pictures as a springboard for new ideas.
All work shown is our own.

(Click on any picture to enlarge it)

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Custom turned leg

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design_003.JPG (53074 bytes)
Desk & Bookshelves
design_004.JPG (56499 bytes)
Applied Molding Doors
design_005.JPG (49721 bytes)
TV & medicine cabinet
design_006.JPG (46997 bytes)
Angled end panel
design_007.JPG (44704 bytes)
Bedroom cabinets
design_008.JPG (38737 bytes)
Door that looks like 3 drawers

design_009.JPG (47794 bytes)
Arched doors

design_010.JPG (63149 bytes)
Audio/video cabinet
design_011.jpg (56336 bytes)
design_012.JPG (62239 bytes)
Drawers under a bed
design_013.JPG (64829 bytes)
Overhead side access drawers
design_014.JPG (55422 bytes)
Island back with corbels
design_015.JPG (48560 bytes)
Shelves on cabinet end
design_016.JPG (58917 bytes)
Drawer banks
design_017.JPG (50946 bytes)
Full lazy Susan
design_018.JPG (45979 bytes)
Bread board on door back
design_019.JPG (55415 bytes)
Cookie sheet dividers
over pullouts (pantry)
design_020.JPG (46852 bytes)
Flipper door (retractable)
design_021.JPG (59326 bytes)
Tambour door
design_022.JPG (52885 bytes)
Side access drawer
design_023.jpg (59725 bytes)
Micro in resting upper
design_024.JPG (49114 bytes)
Angled resting upper
design_025.JPG (44899 bytes)
Angled corner cabinet
design_026.JPG (23413 bytes)
Hidden door (closed)
design_027.JPG (25588 bytes)
Hidden door (open)
design_028.JPG (68844 bytes)
Cane paneled doors
design_029.JPG (61587 bytes)
Keyboard pullout, etc.
design_030.JPG (57357 bytes)
Horizontal tambour doors (open)
design_031.JPG (60295 bytes)
Horizontal tambour (closed)
design_032.JPG (67307 bytes)
Glass paneled drawer faces
design_033.JPG (52162 bytes)
Desk top (closed)
design_034.JPG (50858 bytes)
Desk top (open)
design_035.JPG (60196 bytes)
Desk top detail
design_036.JPG (49469 bytes)
Pullout within drawer
design_037.JPG (57264 bytes)
Drawers in stairs
design_038.JPG (75286 bytes)
design_039.JPG (63813 bytes)
Flipper doors (retractable)
design_040.jpg (63067 bytes)
Knotty Pine bookshelf
design_041.JPG (54469 bytes)
Removable drawers
design_042.JPG (49653 bytes)
File Drawer
design_043.JPG (50717 bytes)
Desk top extension (semi-closed)
design_044.JPG (52922 bytes)
Desk top extension (open)
design_045.JPG (76269 bytes)
Pantry pullouts
design_046.JPG (72395 bytes)
design_047.JPG (56311 bytes)
Recycle bin drawer
design_048.jpg (44222 bytes)
Country Sink
design_049.JPG (54418 bytes)
Cookie sheet dividers
design_050.JPG (87215 bytes)
Custom cutlery dividers
design_051.JPG (66369 bytes)
3 Drawer faces, one drawer
design_052.JPG (64737 bytes)
Tambour door appliance garage
design_053.JPG (62830 bytes)
Kitchen desk & display
design_054.JPG (55429 bytes)
Custom laundry bag & drawer
design_055.JPG (34086 bytes)
Molding details
design_056.JPG (66998 bytes)
Storage on pantry doors
design_057.JPG (55459 bytes)
Curved entertainment center
design_058.JPG (25150 bytes)
TV pullout/swivel
design_059.JPG (23147 bytes)
Flipper doors (retractable)
design_060.jpg (22409 bytes)
Shelf detail
design_061.jpg (25427 bytes)
Cabinet details
design_062.JPG (65047 bytes)
Motorized TV lift (up)
design_063.JPG (65020 bytes)
Motorized TV lift (1/2 down)
design_064.JPG (51692 bytes)
Base arch detail
design_065.JPG (36920 bytes)
Refrigerator doors
design_066.JPG (52212 bytes)
1/2" thick cookie sheet dividers
design_067.JPG (33473 bytes)
Beaded flush inset door
design_068.JPG (76990 bytes)
Spice tray
design_069.JPG (65041 bytes)
Drawers & corbel
design_070.JPG (65932 bytes)
Spice rack on door
design_071.JPG (54383 bytes)
Plate rack & upper shelves
design_072.JPG (68250 bytes)
Dishwasher (Open)
design_073.JPG (46057 bytes)
Dishwasher (closed)
design_074.JPG (67009 bytes)
Wire pullouts
design_075.jpg (38502 bytes)
Mantel & corbel
design_076.JPG (45446 bytes)
Beaded outside edge drawers
design_077.JPG (61337 bytes)
Pullouts (deep)
design_078.JPG (65808 bytes)
Custom glass doors
design_079.JPG (75813 bytes)
Pullouts & shelves under sink
design_080.JPG (62666 bytes)
Small pullouts for CDs
design_081.JPG (44528 bytes)
Hood between cabinets
design_082.JPG (52894 bytes)
Bead board back
design_083.JPG (58758 bytes)
Arched toe base with detail
design_084.jpg (36323 bytes)
Bead board end panel
design_085.jpg (30761 bytes)
Base board detail
design_086.jpg (73995 bytes)
Custom glass doors
design_087.JPG (36788 bytes)
Carved molding
design_088.jpg (40787 bytes)
Beaded molding on face frame
design_089.JPG (73122 bytes)
Shoe cabinet
design_090.JPG (42545 bytes)
Acrylic clothes drawers
design_091.jpg (29627 bytes)
Curved doors
design_092.JPG (44386 bytes)
Euro doors with aluminum

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