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Specializing in fine cabinetry

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Glossary:     -  How to define a cabinet


Face Frame versus Euro:

face_frame_flush_inset.jpg (20454 bytes)

face_frame_overlay.JPG (22930 bytes)

euro.jpg (14359 bytes)

Face frame with flush inset doors.
Horizontal face frame pieces are rails,
vertical ones are stiles.

Face frame with overlay doors.
Doors are on in front of the face frame.

European ("Euro").
No face frame; doors butt to each other.


Cabinet Position:
upper.jpg (19497 bytes)
resting_upper.jpg (17320 bytes)
Resting Upper
lower.jpg (28542 bytes)
floor-ceiling.jpg (20336 bytes)
Tall ("floor to ceiling")
penninsula.jpg (16186 bytes)
island.jpg (25727 bytes)


Door & Drawer Face Types:

flat_panel.jpg (8719 bytes)
Flat panel
raised_panel.jpg (3549 bytes)
Raised panel
raised_panel_applied_molding.jpg (16748 bytes)
Raised panel,
applied molding
bead_board.jpg (9519 bytes)
Bead-board panel
arched_raised_panel.jpg (10462 bytes)
mitered_1.jpg (9002 bytes)
double frame_applied molding.jpg (10044 bytes)
drw_flat_panel.jpg (6892 bytes)
Flat panel
drw_raised panel.jpg (7345 bytes)
Raised panel
drw_applied_molding.jpg (7434 bytes)
Applied molding
drw_bead_board.jpg (7774 bytes)
drw_applied_molding_bead_board.jpg (7760 bytes)
applied molding
drw_outside_molding.jpg (7193 bytes)
Outside molding
slab.jpg (7262 bytes)

For more doors:      http://www.dutchmandoors.com/        http://www.caldoor.com/


Dovetail Drawers:

drawer_dovetail.jpg (21238 bytes) dovetail_exploded.jpg (31398 bytes)

Unless otherwise requested, all of our drawers are dovetailed
solid maple with full extension heavy duty drawer slides.
Other options include butt joined, doweled, and lock joint.


End Panels:

frame_panel_end.jpg (27777 bytes) flat_end.jpg (26635 bytes) angled-shelf_end.jpg (17016 bytes)
Framed End Panel (like doors) Flat End Panel Angled End Panel with shelves
(Note the toe kick space at the bottom of each cabinet.)


Exterior Details:
transom_horz_closed.jpg (23999 bytes)
Horizontal transom doors (closed)
transom_horz_open.jpg (23077 bytes)
Horizontal transom doors (open)
transom_vert.jpg (20970 bytes)
Vertical transom door
(appliance garage)
corbels.jpg (16764 bytes)
(support overhanging counter top)
bead-board_back.jpg (24846 bytes)
Bead-board cabinet back
(vertical lines in cabinet back)
flutes.jpg (20230 bytes)
(vertical grooves in angled panel)
french_lites.jpg (21340 bytes)
French lites
(glass panes; in this case 8 lites)
med_cab.jpg (21077 bytes)
Medicine cabinet
(one of many types)


Interior Details:
side_access_drawer.jpg (21957 bytes)
Side access drawer
cookie-sheet_divider.jpg (27341 bytes)
Cookie sheet dividers
full_lazy-susan.jpg (25313 bytes)
Full round Lazy Susan
(works best at an angled inside corner)
pullouts.jpg (33030 bytes)
(drawers behind doors)
flipper_doors.jpg (27467 bytes)
flipper_hardware.jpg (18183 bytes)
Flipper door hardware
(tracks visible at back)
recycle_bins.jpg (22259 bytes)
Recycle bin drawer
bread-board.jpg (19687 bytes)

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